Quick Update

Well, I haven’t been keeping on top of this blog of late, so shame on me.

Much has been happening, I have had my graduation and worked a short 2 month stint in a design studio and am now trying to establish myself as self employed.  suspect this means I will be very poor for a considerable time but if I don’t give it a bash now I will only regret it.

So far I have done some work for The Renew Involvement Center, a mental health drop in center in Lincoln, and I am already working on some exciting new projects for them. I have done some in-shop graphics for SK Motorcycles who are also based in Lincoln and I have also pre-booked a 6 month stint in InVitro Gallery to display different artwork and illustrations each month starting October.

Below are some images of work I have done lately and there is a link in the tool bar at the top of this page to InVitro Gallery. InVitro features edgy work from up and coming local artists and designers and is definitely worth a visit, especially as each month the displays are completely new so there is always something new to see.

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YCN Ted Baker Project

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For the YCN awards I submitted my designs for packaging and window graphics in response to the Ted Baker brief. I focused on the ‘bodywear’ range and designed bright, busy, eye-catching imagery for a ‘summer campaign’ which was used across the range to unify. I then produced bottle designs and packaging to tie in with the theme. From the busy imagery I took six elements/characters and used them to create stickers for renegade advertising, the stickers would be plastered around the streets to create curiosity and lead towards the Ted Baker store where they tie in with the window graphics.

I enjoyed this project as it was fun and a little silly and required plenty of illustration and imagination on my part. There are so many amazing designs submitted to YCN every year that I won’t be too torn up if I don’t win, if nothing else I have something quirky to add to my portfolio. But fingers crossed that someone out there likes it as much as I do. Get in touch if you have any comments, and subscribe to my blog to follow my designs.