Custom T-Shirts!

I had pried myself away from uni work this evening to chill out and have some dinner… but I just couldn’t resist having new ideas and working on something. So I made some Creative Beehive t-shirts, just because I wanted to make something this evening!

They are not for a project, they are especially for Creative Beehive Blog viewers. There are three designs to choose from so far and many more in the pipe line. To show your support for my growing enterprise just simply don a lovely t-shirt which has been made especially on request for you by my own fair hands.

Want one? – It is all very simple. Just request one [stating t-shirt style, size and colour] by contacting myself via email, text, twitter, facebook, in person, whatever! For non-subscribers the t-shirts are £10 each. However, verified subscribers can have one for just £5!! Paypal and Cash accepted, plus FREE postage to main land UK.

Want one half price? – Subscribe by entering your email on the right of the screen and clicking the ‘get me in the loop’ button. You will be sent an email to verify your subscription, just click the link in the email and you are all set! Once you are a subscriber, you not only qualify for a half price Creative Beehive t-shirt, each new post to the blog comes directly to your in-box, making it even easier to access my latest ramblings and doodles.

Girls T-shirts Available

Purple, Black or White. Size 8-18.

Lads T-shirts Available

Black or White. Size XS-XL.

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This week’s new illustrations.

Yesterday I did four new illustrations for my Final Major Project. My eyes are only just recovering, eep!

My FMP was to design promotional material for a hypothetical exhibition of works by various artists who’s work has been influenced by the subject of mental health disorders. Along with this I also produced a collection of my own material for this exhibit based on my own experiences with bipolar. In total I have produced eight illustrations ranging from A2 down to just over A6. The first four illustrations were posted up on here a few entries back and the four which I have done this week are linked into this post along with a few of the posters for the hypothetical event [don’t turn up for it, you will be rather disappointed].

Each of the illustrations I have produced have been inspired by different extracts from my journals, which I have kept over the years. It has been a very personal project and it has been hugely challenging to share these inner thoughts with the outside world but it has also been rewarding to make something positive out of all of the negative mess inside of the journals.

Quick disclaimer; The sentiments conveyed by the illustrations aren’t what I genuinely believe on a day to day basis but rather the feelings which take hold when I am in one of my ‘down’ periods. I am sharing them in a hope that it will give some insight, not to express any opinions.

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Degree Show Preperations

The studio space is taking shape, the whole class have worked so hard. The show is nearly here!

I now have my allocated space and the project chosen for it is my YCN Ted Baker project. Today I will be sending my boards to print and helping with the finishing touches to the paint work in the studio ready for all of the work to be hung.

After that it will be a quick walk to my own studio where I will be barricading myself in for the weekend. I’ve got to revisit some previous projects and retouch some of them before then building a nice new digital portfolio. Plus any other tasks I may have forgotten about. So should be a busy weekend. Feel free to bring me energy drinks and sweeties!

I’m getting very excited about the show, I can’t wait to see everyone’s work up, there are so many great designs! Come along to the show, you won’t be disappointed. Here are the facebook and twitter pages for show e11even;!/profile.php?id=100002310954577!/ShowElleven

Artisit’s book.

I have spent the last week working on a book to put into the final show at uni. Not long until the show!!

Each of us in the class are producing a book which displays our creative skills and styles. These books will be available to browse through at the show. I have decided to base mine around an inventory of the contents of my studio, it is called ‘Curio’. Curio features a naked spine, hardback, perfect bound and a fab die cut belly band [well… cut with a scalpel]. With a mixture of digital and hand rendered techniques each book is individual and hand bound. I am producing ten books, each one numbered, to create a limited run. Two of the books are already allocated but eight are still available to any interested parties.

Below are some quick snaps of the books one and two, proper beauty shots to come another day.

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I’m a Proud Sister

My sometimes annoying but very talented little sister is currently at No.82 in the singer/songwriter download chart! How incredible is that?!!

Have a listen to the sample on iTunes and if you like it then spare just 79p to support this up-and-coming Lincoln artist. Can we get her any higher in the chart?

Here is the link to THE single of the moment –

Lovely weekend for drawing.

I’m going to spend this weekend holed up in my studio drawing and trying to produce my publication for the final show next month.

The weather is lovely, the kettle has boiled and my pens are scattered across my desk, so I’m ready. Whilst I’m scribbling away in my shed… I mean studio… here are some of my previous doodles from the past few months for you to have a look at. Some of them were the starting point from which projects have developed and some were just for fun. Hopefully after the weekend I can unveil my publication to you all, so watch this space!

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New Studio Space!

Well, after a few days of scrubbing, painting and lugging things about I have turned the grubby, spider infested out-house into a usable space for my creativity. And what a lovely little space, quiet and tucked away, you’d never know it was in the city center. It’s small and it’s certainly not slick and modern but it’s just what I’ve always wanted.

I’ve made it so that one side is an office space and the other a messy art space. It’s not completely finished yet but it’s so nice to have all of my bits together in one place and all at my fingertips instead of stacked away somewhere. It’s a bit tatty around the edges and quite twee but that’s part of it’s charm. I’ve never had a space like this to hide away in and get lost in my work… which is exactly what I need to do now as I’ve only a month left at university and still have a mountain of work to do! After that I can crack on with some self initiated projects whilst hunting for an internship somewhere… either that or I could get a job flipping burgers… maybe not.

So anyway, this is the grand opening of my studio space. Feel free to pop in and have a cuppa sometime. And to my fellow scribblers, feel free to come have a creative day with me as I have three work surfaces in here!

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