Artisit’s book.

I have spent the last week working on a book to put into the final show at uni. Not long until the show!!

Each of us in the class are producing a book which displays our creative skills and styles. These books will be available to browse through at the show. I have decided to base mine around an inventory of the contents of my studio, it is called ‘Curio’. Curio features a naked spine, hardback, perfect bound and a fab die cut belly band [well… cut with a scalpel]. With a mixture of digital and hand rendered techniques each book is individual and hand bound. I am producing ten books, each one numbered, to create a limited run. Two of the books are already allocated but eight are still available to any interested parties.

Below are some quick snaps of the books one and two, proper beauty shots to come another day.

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About Emily-Dawn Honey

I am a Lincoln based Graphic Designer. Although I enjoy all aspects of design, it’s my illustrations which get the best response from viewers. To keep my creative skills honed I regularly exhibit in local galleries, this work is self initiated for my own personal fun. I also take freelance work where I can. I firmly believe that we are forever learning and constantly evolving so I turn my hand to as many new experiences as I possibly can. Currently I am looking for experience within industry to build on my knowledge, skills and portfolio. If you have any advice for me, comments, questions or are able to offer me some work experience (Well, if you don’t ask then you don’t get!) then please get in touch.

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