New Studio Space!

Well, after a few days of scrubbing, painting and lugging things about I have turned the grubby, spider infested out-house into a usable space for my creativity. And what a lovely little space, quiet and tucked away, you’d never know it was in the city center. It’s small and it’s certainly not slick and modern but it’s just what I’ve always wanted.

I’ve made it so that one side is an office space and the other a messy art space. It’s not completely finished yet but it’s so nice to have all of my bits together in one place and all at my fingertips instead of stacked away somewhere. It’s a bit tatty around the edges and quite twee but that’s part of it’s charm. I’ve never had a space like this to hide away in and get lost in my work… which is exactly what I need to do now as I’ve only a month left at university and still have a mountain of work to do! After that I can crack on with some self initiated projects whilst hunting for an internship somewhere… either that or I could get a job flipping burgers… maybe not.

So anyway, this is the grand opening of my studio space. Feel free to pop in and have a cuppa sometime. And to my fellow scribblers, feel free to come have a creative day with me as I have three work surfaces in here!

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About Emily-Dawn Honey

I am a Lincoln based Graphic Designer. Although I enjoy all aspects of design, it’s my illustrations which get the best response from viewers. To keep my creative skills honed I regularly exhibit in local galleries, this work is self initiated for my own personal fun. I also take freelance work where I can. I firmly believe that we are forever learning and constantly evolving so I turn my hand to as many new experiences as I possibly can. Currently I am looking for experience within industry to build on my knowledge, skills and portfolio. If you have any advice for me, comments, questions or are able to offer me some work experience (Well, if you don’t ask then you don’t get!) then please get in touch.

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