YCN Ted Baker Project

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For the YCN awards I submitted my designs for packaging and window graphics in response to the Ted Baker brief. I focused on the ‘bodywear’ range and designed bright, busy, eye-catching imagery for a ‘summer campaign’ which was used across the range to unify. I then produced bottle designs and packaging to tie in with the theme. From the busy imagery I took six elements/characters and used them to create stickers for renegade advertising, the stickers would be plastered around the streets to create curiosity and lead towards the Ted Baker store where they tie in with the window graphics.

I enjoyed this project as it was fun and a little silly and required plenty of illustration and imagination on my part. There are so many amazing designs submitted to YCN every year that I won’t be too torn up if I don’t win, if nothing else I have something quirky to add to my portfolio. But fingers crossed that someone out there likes it as much as I do. Get in touch if you have any comments, and subscribe to my blog to follow my designs.

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About Emily-Dawn Honey

I am a Lincoln based Graphic Designer. Although I enjoy all aspects of design, it’s my illustrations which get the best response from viewers. To keep my creative skills honed I regularly exhibit in local galleries, this work is self initiated for my own personal fun. I also take freelance work where I can. I firmly believe that we are forever learning and constantly evolving so I turn my hand to as many new experiences as I possibly can. Currently I am looking for experience within industry to build on my knowledge, skills and portfolio. If you have any advice for me, comments, questions or are able to offer me some work experience (Well, if you don’t ask then you don’t get!) then please get in touch.

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